Changes to cPanel License (Effective 1st Jan 2020)

At the end of June, cPanel announced a major change to their license pricing structure to an account-based licensing. Unfortunately this means the price of Exabytes VPS and Dedicated Server cPanel/WHM license will be adjusted from 1 January 2020. 

What’s changing?

Currently, cPanel is licensed per server and allow you to host unlimited accounts. With the new licensing introduced by cPanel, that is no longer the case. You will now have to purchase a license based on the number of accounts you have created, or plan to create on your server.

This licensing structure change goes into effect to you in 1 January 2020.

How does this impact me?

The new price varies depending on how many cPanel accounts you have hosted on your VPS or Dedicated Server with cPanel/WHM. If you are on any of our shared / reseller hosting subscription, this price changes will not affect you.

New cPanel Pricing:

cPanel is evolving their packaging names to coincide with industry terms. VPS is now Cloud and Dedicated Server is now categorised as Metal.

cPanel License

No. Of Accounts


New Price (per month)

cPanel Admin Cloud




cPanel Pro Cloud




cPanel Plus Cloud




cPanel Premier 100


VPS / Dedicated Server


* Additional plans are available to those who require a license with an account limit higher than 100 accounts. Those plans are available in 50 account increments at a cost of USD8 per 50 additional accounts.

What happens to my existing cPanel licenses?

We will transition those licenses to the new licensing model after 1 Jan 2020. We will select the new license tier that fits your usage at the time of the conversion. 

We will be issuing a prorated invoice right after the transition to the new licenses.  

The invoice of your VPS or Dedicated Server will also be updated to reflect the new pricing in the upcoming renewal.

What will be the new price of my cPanel licenses?

The prices are based on your current cPanel licenses and the number of accounts (including suspended accounts). Refer price table above for the tier pricing.

For example, if you have a VPS cPanel with 85 accounts, it will be converted to a cPanel Premier Cloud 100 at USD36/mo.

To find out your active number of accounts:

  1. Login to your WHM as root ie https://YourServerIP:2087

  2. On your left panel under the Account Information section, Find the “List Accounts”. Click on it and you will get the total cPanel accounts you have.

  3. The new licensing counts both Active and Suspended account as part of the licensing count.