EBuzzzz: How To Create EBuzzzz Campaign

This guideline is purposely draft to guide user to create newsletter campaign in according their own needs.


1. Enter to EBuzzzz dashboard with given credential and login portal.

2. Once enter, click on "Campaign" tabs.

3. Click on "Create New Campaign" under right option bar.

4. Enter preferable campaign title for own reference under column "Name Your Campaign". And select the campaign type wish to blast under "Campaign Type" session. For ordinary newsletter, may proceed to select "Regular Campaign" radio button. Complete require field and proceed to click on "Next".

5. Tick the require subscriber list checkbox and proceed to click on "Next".
Additional Info : User are capable select multiple subscriber list.

6. User may now select available template or blank newsletter layout in according to own demand and select "Next".

Continue on customize newsletter with given a "Mail Subject" and "Mail Contents" and proceed to click on "Next".

8. User may now review entire newsletter campaign setting before sending out. Also there is a test function to try sending out an email to own email account to justify the contents and alignment before blast to all subscriber.

Confirm all setting and configuration under right conditions. User may now blast out email by clicking on "Send Now" button.

(Remarks : If user wish to on hold from the campaign, may click on "Save" button to temporary save the campaign setting.)

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