Enabling and Testing Mirage 2 Functionality

Turning on Mirage 2:

**note: Mirage 2 is currently available for Pro, Business, and Enterprise level domains

To enable Mirage 2 image optimization for your domain, log into your Cloudflare account to access your Cloudflare performance settings.

Mirage can be found under the 'Speed' section after logging into your Cloudflare account:


Using Page Rules for Mirage 2:

Once Mirage 2 has been activated, you can utilize page rules to set Mirage to be active on specific portions\urls for your site. To access your page rules, go to:

Page Rules can be found under their own section after logging into your Cloudflare account:

Testing Mirage 2:

Since Mirage's features for Mobile Browser optimization are triggered based on high latency\poor network connections, you can test the features by making a request to your domain using a mobile user-agent stringand one of the following flags with your domain in your mobile browser:


EXAMPLE.COM/?forcepreloadonly  (this flag will run the pre-loader only and serve degraded images on the page)

**Note: Be sure to replace EXAMPLE.COM with your domain name


Here is an example where Mirage 2 is triggered by a ?forcepreloadonly flag (note the image degradation as a sign that the feature is working):       


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