Increase Logging for Railgun

When troubleshooting or testing the Railgun Listener, it may be necessary to raise the level of verbosity to capture more log data for debugging. 

In order to increase logging, the log.level within railgun.conf should be set to 5 in order for all events within the Listener instance to be captured during troubleshooting.

*The Railgun service running on the server will also need to be restarted for changes to take affect:
  service railgun restart

The log files for Railgun can be found in the following locations for each supported operating system: 

Debian/UbuntuDefault Location: /var/log/syslog

*Note: When the log.level set to 5 in railgun.conf, no further action is needed to have very verbose logs appear in syslog.

CentOS/RHELDefault Location: /var/log/messagesDefault Location: /var/log/messages

By default, CentOS and RHEL omit many logs from /messages. A few extra steps are needed to achieve the same level of verbosity as Debian/Ubuntu:

1.    Editing /etc/rsyslog.conf so that the line that reads: 

*.info;mail.none;authpriv.none;cron.none /var/log/messages

is updated to be:

*.* /var/log/messages 


This can be done by commenting out the default line and adding this on a new line below it. Or this can be a new log file if you so choose.

2.    Restarting rsyslog and Railgun services. This may need to be done with sudo or as root:

service rsyslog restart 
service railgun restart

*If Railgun or memcached fails over/crashes, logs can be found under /var/log/railgun/panic.log

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