Widget Triggers

  1. Various behavioral triggers and prompt website visitors for a call when they're interested.

Widget triggers find out when your visitors are interested, and prompt them for a call when they are. 

Here are the key behavioral triggers: 

- Scroll Trigger

- Exit Intent Trigger

- Time Trigger

- CSS Element Trigger

Scroll Trigger

The widget pops up when the visitor scrolls to the bottom of the page. 
You can control the level of scroll by percentage (%). 

Use Case: Landing pages and blog pages. This is because scrolling to page end is likely to mean that they have read the page/blog and might show some interest in your product/service. 

Exit Intent Trigger

The widget triggers when the visitor attempts to exit page. 

Use Case: Main pages, pricing pages and other vital pages where potential customers would be making decisions. We'll detect if they are exiting and try to recover their interest with a free callback. 

Time Trigger

The widget triggers after a visitor spends a certain amount of time on your page. 

Use Case: Squeeze pages with long convincing texts. 

CSS Element Trigger

The widget triggers upon click on a CSS element, such as image or button.

Use Case: Contact page or demo page.


Setup Guide

You can set how your widget triggers to your customers. 

Under Widget Triggers, you can toggle ON/OFF for each triggers. 

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