Update Invoice Tax Display To Latest Version

In this article:

  • Briefing about new version of tax display 

  • Guide to amend your order invoice email template

Briefing of new version of tax display

Important note:

  • This guide is applicable to merchants who charge GST to their customers and who have manually amended their own order invoice email template.

  • If you did not amend your order invoice email template before, you may ignore this guide, we will automatically update your order invoice email template.

Your invoice will be displayed with price before GST (as sub-total), total price after GST charges and a summary of tax at the bottom of invoice.

Guide to amend your order invoice email template

1. Admin Panel > Settings > Templates > Order Invoice Email  > Edit

2. Select code view

3. Look for <p style="text-align:right;">Product(s) with * is taxable product</p>  ,  and remove it

Tips: It's around row 100-110

4. Look for {% if product.taxable %} *{% endif %} , replace with {% if product.taxable %} SR{% else %} ZR{% endif %}

Tips: It's around row 110-120

5. Look for order.total_shipping, replace with order.total_shipping_include_tax for both results

6. Look for below code and delete it

{% if order.shipping_tax != 0 %}

<table style="border-collapse:collapse;width:100%;">



<td style="padding:4px 0;text-align:right;">Shipping Tax</td>

<td style="padding:4px 0;text-align:right;width:120px;">{{ order.shipping_tax }}</td>




{% endif %}

Tips: It's around row 140-160


7.1 Look for below code

{% if order.total_tax != 0 %}


        <table style="border-collapse:collapse;width:100%;">



<td style="padding:4px 0;text-align:right;">Taxes {% if order.taxes_included == true %} ( Included in taxable product ){% endif %}</td>

<td style="padding:4px 0;text-align:right;width:120px;">{{ order.total_tax }}</td>



        </table>{% endif %}

Tips: It's around row 290-310

7.2 Replace with below code

<table style="border-collapse:collapse;width:100%;border:1px solid grey">


<td style="padding:5px;">Code</td>

<td style="padding:5px;text-align:right;">Amount</td>

<td style="padding:5px;text-align:right;">Tax</td>



<td style="padding:5px;">SR ({{ order.tax_rate }}%)

{% if order.taxes_included == true %}<i style="font-size:13px"> Included in taxable product</i>{% endif %}</td>

<td style="padding:5px;text-align:right;">{{ order.total_taxable_item_price }}</td>

<td style="padding:5px;text-align:right;">{{ order.total_taxable_item_tax }}</td>



<td style="padding:5px;">ZR (0%)</td>

<td style="padding:5px;text-align:right;">{{ order.total_non_taxable_item_price }}</td>

<td style="padding:5px;text-align:right;">{{ order.total_non_taxable_item_tax }}</td>



8. Select code view > Save

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