Enable Facebook Login

Nowadays, almost everyone has at least one personal Facebook account.

By setting up Facebook login function in your store, your customers will be able to register or log in to your store with just one single click.

This means they are approaching the next step - placing order quicker.

In this article

1. Set up Facebook Login app

2. Customize authorization page (optional)

1. Set Up Facebook Login App

1.1 Go to Admin Panel > Apps > search for Facebook Login and install.

install this app facebook login

1.2 Skip the Authorization page and Customize authorization page, we will come back to them later on in step 2.

1.3 Scroll down to Settings and choose your preferred display settings > Save.

settings configuration

Tips: if you wish the Facebook login button appear on top bar, make sure to select 'Top bar and login page'.

Facebook login button at top bar only applicable in the following themes:

Mini Style, Adventure Camping, The Summer, Dreams Bedding, Happy Kitchen, Flower & Tea House, Prime, Homines, Hortus, WildHeart, Mensclub, Electron, Sweet Honey, Whale Book, Pastel, Crescendo, Espresso, Monday blue, Jim & Joe, Cyclops, Breezy, Stoneware, Hikari, Evolution, Petal, Bluepups, Wooden, Inspiration, DOUX, Aperture, Sprinkle, Radiant, Gents, North.

continue with facebook tutorial

1.4 Done.

2. Customize Authorization Page (Optional)

2.1 This step is needed only if you wish to customize the Authorization page.

default and customized authorization page

2.2 To customize, you need to create a Facebook app ID and set up Facebook Login app at Facebook for Developers.

2.3 Go to Facebook for Developers and log in with your personal Facebook account.

click log in from facebook for developer

2.4 Go to My Apps > Add New App.

facebook for developers - add new app

2.5 Insert your preferred Display Name and Contact Email > Create App ID > complete the security check.

create a new app ID 2.6 Select Facebook Login > Set up.

click facebook login

2.7 Select Web at the pop up.

2.8 Go back to Facebook Login app > Customize authorization page > Step 2 to copy Your Site URL.

add facebook login as a product in facebook app

2.9 Go back to Facebook for Developer > paste it under Site URL > Save > Continue (Continue button would become clickable after Save button is clicked).

tell us about your website

2.10 Keep on clicking Next for all the upcoming tabs (you need to click 3 times).

set up the facebook sdk for javascript

2.11 Go to Facebook Login > Settings > make sure the followings are switched on.

  • Client OAuth Login
  • Web OAuth Login
  • Use Strict Mode for Redirect URIs

facebook login client oauth settings

2.12 Go back to EasyStore Facebook Login app > Customize authorization page > Step 3 to copy the URL.
set valid oauth redirect URL in facebook login product of facebook app

2.13 Go back to Facebook for Developer > Facebook Login > Settings tab > whitelist the URL under Valid OAuth Redirect URIs > Save changes.

valid oauth redirect URL facebook

2.14 Go to Settings > Basic and fill in as follows > Save changes.

  • Display Name: the name that displays on authorization page
  • Namespace: small letter for the Display Name input (suggestion)
  • App Domain: apps.easystore.co
  • Contact Email: your primary email address
  • Privacy Policy URL:  insert your online store Privacy Policy URL
  • Terms of  Service URL: insert your online store Terms of Service URL
  • App Icon: upload your business logo, only 1024 x 1024 dimension is accepted

click basic from settings for facebook login configuration

2.15 Scroll down to the bottom under Website > make sure the Site URL are the same as in Step 2.8.
website site URL

2.16 And do not forget to turn on your app at the top of the page.

facebook for developer toggle on

2.17 Go to Settings > Basic and obtain your App ID and App Secret.

facebook app id app secret

2.18 Go back to your Facebook Login app > Customize authorization page > Step 5 to paste the App ID and App Secret > Save.

get your facebook app id and app secret

2.19 Done.

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