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[COMPLETED] IP Switching for Great Wall China 2 MSSQL Services

Dear Valued Customers,

*** Only clients MSSQL service hosted under Great Wall China 2 will be affected ***

Maintenance details:
For standardizing and future managing needs, we will arrange to merge two set of IP ( & ( which currently used by MSSQL service under server Great Wall China 2 to new set IP ( This arrangement shall execute by end of Feb 2017. Thus, all user refer to affected range IP are urged to change their connection string over to ( before date 15th Feb 2017 to avoid service disruption due to above changes.

Maintenance Affects:
IP ( & ( which currently used under server Great Wall China 2 will be removed and replace by the new set of IP ( All web portal connection string refer to affected IP shall not workable after IP remove action taken. All affected users are advised to switch their MSSQL connection string IP before the actual implementation date. For user does not familiar with connection string modification, please get your immediate assist from your appointed web developer to assist this necessary changes.

Best Regards,
Support Team

Technical Support Department