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COMPLETED] Schedule Migration - Cloud Virtual Machine


Dear client,

Date: 5th - 18th Jun 2017

Please be informed that a migration exercise has been scheduled for your cloud virtual machine from 5th June 2017 to 18th June 2017.

As part of the migration exercise, we are anticipating a couple of changes to your existing cloud virtual machine including :

• Change of IP address

A new IP will be assigned to your cloud virtual machine after the migration. This is because your current IP is only usable for the current data centre network only.

• Change of billing system login

A new billing system login will be created to replace the existing,

• Managing your cloud virtual machine

Due to the change of billing system, there will also be some manageable changes in managing your cloud virtual machine. ** Please rest assured that all your data will remain intact.

There will be an expected service interruption of 4-6 hours during the scheduled of your cloud virtual machine migration as we would need to shut down your cloud virtual machine in order to complete the data migration over to the new environment. You will be contacted separately by our support team separately via email for the actual scheduled. Please watch out your inbox!

Feel free to reach us out via [email protected] for any questions that you may have for this migration.

Best regards, 

Technical team
Technical Support Department