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[REMINDER] Inode Usage Policy

Dear Valued Customers,

Thanks for hosting with Exabytes Network.

We applied inode limit in Linux shared hosting since 1st July 2014 to protect all the data of our clients on hard disk and reduce the risk of data corruption caused by high disk usage.



Detail about Inode and how to check your current usage:

What should you do to reduce Inode Usage?

A) Download emails from your hosting account.

Please set up email client such as Outlook/Thunderbird with POP setting to download all your existing emails.



B) Access Webmail and delete unwanted mails.

Some of our client miss out perform email deletion inside Webmail folder such as Junk, Deleted Item or send Item.

Please access your webmail using and perform the removal.

C) Delete any backup files from server.

Performing backup from your end is a good practise but it should download over your local terminal.

Hosting account space isn’t a good place for backups because every incremental backup you generate will include the previous version of backup you store inside your hosting account.

It will burn your Inode and disk space usage in a short period.

D) Uninstall any unused applications or remove inactive email accounts.

You will be surprise how much of inode and disk space limit you can save after the housekeeping.

Please do not hesitate to reply this email if you have any enquiries regarding this Inode limit implementation. Thank You!

Best Regards,

Support Team


Technical Support Department