EBuzzzz: Recurring Mailing

This article used to guide you to choose the campaign type if you want to create a campaign that will keep sending at a specific interval of days.

(Eg: You want this campaign send again every day/week/month/year)

1) Log into your EBuzzzz management panel according to the URL that provided in the welcome email.

2) Click Campaigns > Create a New Campaign > Recurring Mailing

3) Put your campaingn name, click Next.

4) Select your 'list'.

5) Set Segment by tick on "Segment my selected list(s)" else directly go step 7, click next.

**If you wish to create a segment, click on "Create a new segment" and choose your condition.

6) Create new message or Select previous message. Click Next.

7) Choose you want to include an unsubscription message at the bottom of newsletters or not. Click Next.

8) Choose When would you like this campaign to be sent (Recurring). Click Next.

9) Finish or Save.

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