How to set up private nameserver for Window server

For Window server installed Website Panel:

1. Log in your website panel interface by using IP address : yourserveripaddress:9001 .

2. Click on Configuration tab and choose Server .


3. Select DNS server and update the nameservers then click on Update .


Create A record for private nameservers:

If your domain name will be hosted in your Window server , you may need to update and A record by go to Customers then select your domain name . In this article , the example domain name is .

1. Seek for your domain for example by go to Customers tab .

2. Select the domain name and click Domain icon.

3 .Click on the domain name under the list and under DNS select Edit DNS zone records.

4. Select "Add Record" for new creation .

5. Please use the format as below:

Record Type: A
Record Name: ns1
IP: yourserverIP

6. Click on Save.

7. Repeat steps 5 to add in the record for ns2 .

In order to able to use the private nameserver, may refer to below on How To Register Nameserver and Update Nameserver:

Noted: Apply only for domain name purchased with Exabytes.

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