Free DNS zone point to Weebly

1. Log into Exabytes Billing System.
Exabytes Billing System using following URL:

For MY client:
For US client:
For SG client:

2. Upon successfully login, click at "Domains" >> "Manage DNS". If the DNS zone is not created, may proceed to create by refer below : 

Click "Add New Zone" > Enter domain name and select the IP address as "Default IP Address" > Click Add Zone :

3. Once created, may click "Pencil" icon for Edit DNS records. 

4. Click "Add Record" on above : 

5. Enter your domain (with and without "www") and IP address - as per below and Add Record : 

6. Once done, click Save Changes. Please allow few hours for the effect to take place.

7. Meanwhile, your domain name shall be update with name server below : 

Nameserver 1: :

Nameserver 2: :

Nameserver 3: :

If you have any issue on pointing domain to Weebly, may submit case to us at [email protected] for further assist.

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