NOTE: All Exabytes Hosting come with it own hosting DNS which it bundle with the hosting. If your domain already update to hosting DNS, there is no need to use this FREE DNS ZONE. But you prefer to host your domain on FREE DNS Zone, you can follow the guide as below.  

A) Locate your hosting server IP on your hosting welcome mail

When you receive the Hosting plan welcome mail, it will consist server IP as example below. This is the IP you need to point your domain A record to if you want to use the FREE DNS ZONE. 

B) Create the domain entry on FREE DNS ZONE

To create your domains and start using this service, follow this steps :


1. Login to our client area billing system at :-

For (MY) client:

For (US) client:

For (SG) client:

2. On top of the menu, click > Domains > Manage DNS.

3. Click Add Zone and fill in your domain name which you would like to setup and select the IP from the drop down which is assigned to "domain name" which you would like this domain to be pointed to. When finished, click Add Zone.

4. Your domain DNS zones will be showing up on the bottom of the list.


5. Click Edit to start setting up the DNS records that you would like to add/edit/modify.

6. Add the IP where you get from welcome mail. The entry should as below. (IP should use your server IP on welcome mail)

Note: In order for you to use this feature, you will need to update the domain DNS name server at your domain registrar to resolve to our DNS server. The DNS name server set will be available when you edit the zones records as outlined in steps No.5 as above.

Below is the nameserver you should apply to your domain name in order to able to use the DNS hosting : 

Nameserver 1: :
Nameserver 2: :
Nameserver 3: :

If you have any issue on pointing domain to Exabytes Hosting, may submit case to us at for further assist.