How to create cPanel Email Filters and Global Email Filters to discard Spam mail

Below guideline show how to discard spam mail inside your cPanel :

1. Open your email client or webmail to get the full email header

Email client

  • Once get the email may check for the "Return-Path" sources may refer below guideline for view email client header. 

    Example below: The exact email is come from [email protected] therefore may need to discard the email.



  • Once get the email header (Roundcube or Horde) may check for the "Return-Path" sources.

2. After that, access to your cPanel by accessing the URL as https://cpanel.domainname/ or https://domainname:2083/ .

3. Click on the Email Filters  icon on the main screen of your cPanel interface.

4. Click on Manage Filters from the respective email address.


5. In the Rules From and contains or any set rules you wish for to discard the spam mail.

6. Insert the spam mail Return-Path as above example the spam email header is [email protected],

    Click Create.


For your information: **Account level filtering is the same as user level filtering, with the only difference that the filters created here are applied globally for the whole cPanel account.**

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