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Set Up Cash One Delivery (COD) Payment Option

Cash on delivery ( COD ) payment option allows your customers to pay for the order only at the time they receive their parcel, normally in cash. As this payment transaction will be handled by the delivery / courier man, therefore it will be bound with shipping method. Meaning some methods (normally courier service providers) provide COD service, while some are not.

In this article:

  1. Set up cash on delivery ( shipping )

  2. Set up cash on delivery ( pickup )

  3. Checkout flow

1. Set up cash on delivery ( shipping )

1.1 Go to Admin Panel > Settings > Shippings > Edit zone.

1.2 Scroll to the shipping method which provides COD service > under Payment option select option 1 or 2 > Save and done.

2. Set up Cash on Delivery ( pickup )

2.1 Go to Admin Panel > Settings > Locations > Edit location.

2.2 Beside Availability:

  • enable location for pickup

  • under Payment option select option 1 or 2

    2.3 Save and done. 

    3. Checkout flow

    3.1 Now your customers will be able to select Cash on Delivery at checkout page.

    • this option is shown when choosing delivery method not payment method

    • you can customize the shipping option names

      2.8 Once Cash on Delivery method is selected, customers can only choose 'Cash on Delivery' when choosing payment option.

      • Tips: you can change the Display name and Paymnent instruction in Admin > Settings > Shippings > Cash on Delivery.

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