Connecting senangPay Payment Gateway

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a. About senangPay & application

b. Integrate senangPay account

About senangPay & application

You may visit senangPay website for more information.

For application, send them your enquiry here

Integrate senangPay account

1. Admin > Settings > Payments > Add payment method

2. Scroll down the list and select senangPay.

3. Insert your Merchant ID & Verify Key that senangPay provides to you, select SHA256 for Hash Type Preference > Activate. 

4. Log in to your senangPay account and go to your profile settings and insert the Return URL & Callback URL on your senangPay dashboard.

Return URL: your-domain-name/payments/senangpay/accept

CallbackURL : your-domain-name/payments/senangpay/notify

Note: If you activated SSL (HTTPS) please make sure that the URL includes https:// when inserting the Return and Callback URL on your senangPay dashboard.

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