Enable HTTP to HTTPS redirection in Plesk

HTTP stands for hypertext transfer protocol. Without HTTPS, any data passed is insecure. This is especially important for sites where sensitive data is passed across the connection, such as ecommerce sites that accept online card payments, or login areas that require users to enter their credentials. Also it improve the reputation and convey trust to users.

This guide is to show you how to make a website hosted in Plesk use a secure connection over HTTPS permanently.

Before this, do make sure that the website is accessible over HTTPS:

  • The setting SSL/TLS support is enabled in Hosting Settings of a domain.
  • An SSL is installed and selected to the domain. May refer to URL on how enable Let's Encrypt Free SSL Certificate for the domain.

1. Log in to Plesk. 

2. Go to Domains > example.com > Hosting Settings.

3. Enable the setting Permanent SEO-safe 301 redirect from HTTP to HTTPS and select your certificate from the drop-down menu. Apply the changes.

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