Connect to Outlook Calendar

With Outlook Calendar, you'll be able to sync your schedules with your TimeSync event's scheduled meetings.

How it works

TimeSync sits on top of your connected Outlook calendar and checks for events. It will interpret such events as conflicts, blocking out the meeting time slot and preventing visitors from scheduling new meetings.

Thus, when you add events to your Outlook calendar, as long as you ensure it is marked busy and unavailable, TimeSync will see it as a conflict and block it out.

How do I link my Outlook calendar

1. Select the Event that you want to link to your Outlook Calendar. 

    2. Go to the Integrations tab.

3. Click on Outlook Calendar and you will be prompted to integrate Outlook Calendar.

4. Click on the Connect button.

5. Sign in to your Microsoft account.  

   6. Done! You're synced to your Outlook calendar.

Unlink Outlook Account

1. To unlink your Outlook account, follow steps 1 - 4 above, However, instead of finding a Connect button, you will find an Edit button.  

2. Click Edit and a pop-up box will appear as shown below. To disconnect your calendar, hit Unlink at the right-top of the pop-up window.

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