Onboard your customers

Set up customer data

An important part of managing your customers is maintaining their data in an organized way. In the Detail View of the website, click on "Customer Portal" and then on "Customer data" to add current contact info.

Here is where you enter basic customer information. It is advisable to maintain these because this will make it easier later on. Keeping the data up to date is especially helpful if you want to quickly manage many customers. In addition, this data can also be inserted into the website quickly and conveniently from within the editor. You can store the following data: 

  • Owner or manager 
  • Contact person for the website (when the contact person is different from the owner or manager) 
  • Address 
  • Country and language 
  • (Mobile) phone / fax numbers 
  • Email addresses

The login email address is particularly important. This is the email address with which your customer logs in to the customer portal. For the sake of simplicity, it is best to use an email address that your customer owns and uses regularly. This email address can only be assigned to one website project to connect the Customer Portal access with one specific website.

Send the invitation link

Under "Customer Portal" in the Detail View of the website you will also find "Invitation links". Here you can generate direct links to the Customer Portal which you can send to your customers. Simply copy the link with the push of a button. By clicking on "Start" you can also create direct links for other areas of the Customer Portal ("Start", "Customer data", "Emails", "File management", "Wishes", "Form entries", etc.).

Once you've copied the link, you can then send it directly from Sitejet, or you can use an external email tool if you have not yet configured your email address in your company settings. To send the invitation link in an email directly within Sitejet, just click "Send invitation by email message". This will automatically open the "Messages" window for the project, and from there, you can set the recipient from the "Recipient" list and craft a short message which includes the invitation link.

Under "Messages", you can create an email template that automatically inserts the link and sends it with your message. You can find the template management area by clicking on "Message to customer" in the message window and then on "Manage templates". The variables will help you to easily place data automatically in the template to customize it. You can then directly select these templates in emails to customers under "Email Templates".

Set up the password

As soon as your customers click on the invitation link, they will be asked to set a password.
The credentials always use the provided email address and the assigned password. Now, your customer can log in to their Customer Portal under "my.sitejet.io" and get in touch with you. If you have activated white labeling, the customer portal with your design can be reached via "my.your-domain.com".

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