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WebSitePanel DNS ZoneHosting

Previously DNS zone hosting will be using HELM control panel. 

As for now and future, we shall implement the use of WebsitePanel for DNS zone hosting for clients to further configure on their domain DNS records. 

On the control panel, clients will be able to configure the records and what do they mean:

A record:    The IP address where your domain to it for the website or 

                   hosting or simply the server IP which your website is hosted at.

CNAME: Used to specify that a domain name is an alias for your domain.

MX records:    MX stands for Mail Exchange. These records are used to direct emails sent 

                        to your domain name to the correct server to then send it to your specific email address. 

                        Different mail service provider shall have different MX records. On top of that, 

                        you may adjust the priority of the MX records where the smaller the number, 

                        the higher the priority of the mail server. 

How to setup / edit DNS records on WebsitePanel:

1. Login to your Website Panel via  or through

2.    Under the "Hosting Spaces", click on your Hosting Plan name such as

       "EBiz Plus Windows" or "RW1000 Windows Resseller Plan".

3.    Click on "Domains" under the "System" category.

4.    Click on the domain that you wish to edit the DNS zone.

5.    Click on "Edit DNS zone records" to proceed to the next step.

6.    Select "Add Record to further" to further configure on your DNS records or 

       click on the left side of your record.


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