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[COMPLETED] Services Disruption - Shared hosting SPF record corrupted

Date: 19th Feb 2017
Time: 11.40 PM MST

Service Disruption Update:

Our team have restored the default SPF record and please retry on your sending now.

Sorry for the inconvenience that caused.


Dear Clients,


Date: 19th Feb 2017
Time: 11.00 PM MST

*** Only outgoing email traffic to recipient's mail server that applied SPF checking will be affected  ***

Service Disruption Details:
As default our shared hosting SPF record is using the following:

v=spf1 -all

This SPF record consists of all Exabytes shared hosting IP addresses and when there is a new IP range, we will modify on


Our team find out DNS entry corrupted this morning and our team is working on it.


Service Disruption Affects:
During the service disruption period, all outgoing email traffic will get a SPF checking failure status to recipient's mail server that applied SPF checking.

Sample of bounce back email message which carried the same meaning from different type of mail servers:

520 ip and spf record not match

550 Message rejected because SPF check failed

550 rejecting for sender policy framework

5.7.1 Rejected due to SPF policy for sender

What is SPF record:

If you are unsure about the return message, please provide us the full email header for further advice:

Email client:


Best Regards,
Support Team
Technical Support Department