Announcement - Google Safe Browsing Warning on Smartermail

Dear clients,

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*** All clients host under Windows shared hosting server will be affected and notify privately ***

Google and other providers have recently started branding web interfaces as unsafe if they don't don't meet certain security requirements, not simply because malicious content is detected coming from the site. 

These security requirements could cause your site to be flagged as insecure, even if it doesn't contain malicious content.


One of the security requirements is the use of an SSL certificate on the domain used to host the SmarterMail web interface. 

Without SSL: = flagged as Insecure

With SSL: = flagged as Secure.

Google and other providers no longer consider authentication over plain HTTP to be a "best practice". As such, users may start seeing a bright red warning screen when navigating to SmarterMail from Chrome or other modern browsers. 

Please find our suggested solution in here:

KB: Google Safe Browsing Warning on SmarterMail 

Thank you for your attention. Have a nice day! 

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