Announcement: New Smartermail version upgrading with SSL protection

Dear Valued Clients,


Greetings from Exabytes.


We are pleased to introduce new Smartermail version 16.x to all Exabytes Windows shared hosting clients.


In addition to several new and exciting features, we have also made a major changing on the URL to access the webmail.


Start from 23rd June 2017, we will force all non-SSL URL redirect to hostname that installed with SSL.


All Windows shared hosting clients access their Webmail using in the past.


However, Google and other providers have recently started branding any page on your website that is non-SSL and has a password form will be labeled as “Not secure”


Our new changing will redirect your URL to automatically when you put in the browser.


Without SSL: = flagged as Insecure


With SSL: = flagged as Secure.


Please refer to our earlier news on Google Safe Browsing Warning towards Smartermail


What is SSL


Thanks for reading this announcement and attention of this changing.


If immediate support or clarification needed during, before, and after the applying, please contact us via helpdesk at ( email us at [email protected]


Have a nice day!
Best Regards,

Support Team
Technical Support Department