Announcement - Urgent cPanel update

Dear Valued Clients,

An exploit for Exim was identified and a patch for the exploit was released by cPanel for the End Of Life Versions 70 and 76.


What is Exim?

Exim is the mail server software cPanel & WHM servers use.

How to protect yourself?

Kindly perform an upgrade to a supported version of cPanel & WHM that are immune to the exploit.

How to check your current Exim version?

You can run this command on the server:


rpm -q exim


The output will show you the Exim versions that are installed, and should look something like what’s below:

For Version 78: exim-4.92-1.cp1178.x86_64 
For Version 80: exim-4.92-1.cp1180.x86_64 
For Version 70 and 76: exim-4.91-4.cp1170.x86_64

Those cPanel Dedicated/VPS clients who not display updated versions after  tryout the above steps may perform cPanel update urgently or contact  support team by submitting a ticket at [email protected]

How to update cPanel version?

1) Log in your WHM as root.

2) Navigate to cPanel >> Upgrade to Latest Version

3) Click the Click to Upgrade button

4) At the end you will see a message Upgrade complete


When you update your cPanel version, It’s possible that the update will be blocked with an error similar to this:


A system upgrade was not possible due to the following blockers:
 [2019-06-07 02:02:51 +0200] W [FATAL] - You must migrate from EA3 to EA4 before upgrading to v78 or newer. You can do so by running /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/migrate_ea3_to_ea4 or via WHM’s EasyApache 4 Migration interface. For more information please see:

If you encounter this error, you must manually adjust your /etc/cpupdate.conf file to the example below:


CPANEL=11.76 RPMUP=daily SARULESUP=daily STAGING_DIR=/usr/local/cpanel UPDATES=daily

Once you have completed this update (upcp) please set this back to the following:


CPANEL=release RPMUP=daily SARULESUP=daily STAGING_DIR=/usr/local/cpanel UPDATES=daily

This will allow you to upgrade to newer versions of cPanel & WHM once you have migrated to EasyApache 4.

What if you not yet migrate to EasyApache4?

Kindly refer to the following steps:

Best Regards,

Support Team
Technical Support Department