Smartermail v16 events

Upon the recent Smartermail version upgrade, the Events function are available to user where user may always set events according to user requirements. Events may use to notify or email to user for certain criteria required. Aside from that, shared hosting will apply with outgoing email limit where upon limit reached may refer NOTE 2. For the outgoing email limit, do refer NOTE 3.

Note 1: The event set by user will required to perform several test to achieve the result user wants. If the function under Events are not available, it may means the functions are not supported.

Note 2: If the event set result causes server load or violates the shared hosting rules, it will be removed and AUP might sent.

Note 3: For your information, shared hosting will have the outgoing limit as below:
not more than:
30 emails / second
300 emails / hour
1000 emails /day

Below will be the link for clarification: (Refer mailing lists)


Below will be sample Event of to receive a copy of incoming and outgoing email for the domain 

1. Login into Smartermail with admin privilege email account

2. Under Domain setting->Events

4. select new and configure the Events accordingly

 Below will be the setting for New email is receive Event setting

Below will be setting for New email sent from domain

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