Creating a Virtual Directory in WebsitePanel

virtual directory is a friendly name, or alias, for a physical directory on your server that does not reside in the home directory. For example, if you create a virtual directory called "images" from a folder anywhere on your server, the contents of that folder will appear at even though they are not physically located in the images/ subfolder of your web site's root folder.

Creating A Virtual Directory In Website Panel : 

1.    Login to your WebsitePanel via

2.    Select the Hosting Package such as RW1000 Windows Reseller Plan.

3.    Select the Web Sites option from at the Web & Application category.

4.    Next, click on your domain (eg,

5.    At the Virtual Dirs tab, click Create Directory to create the directory.

6.    After reaching Add Virtual Directory page, you may enter Directory Name with type or 

browse to the physical directory in which the virtual directory resides in the Folder box and press

Create Directory to successfully create a new directory.

9.    Finally, it will lead you to your new Virtual Directory Properties page.

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