Global Black/White list IP management (Imunify360)

Starting from Imunify360 version 4.5 an administrator can manage IPs globally, this means that you can blacklist 

or whitelist an IP not only on one server but on a group of servers.

Prior to manage IPs globally, you should create a group and add servers into it. This can be done via CLN UI. You can find the complete documentation on how to create and manage servers’ groups here.

When you have created a group in CLN and added IPs into this group, go to Imunify360 > Firewall > White list or Black list. You will see the Scope column and controls (on clicking the Add button) to manage IP locally (on a current server) or globally (on a group of servers).

#How to change Scope to Group/Local

To change the scope to Group/Local, go to Firewall > White/Black list and select an IP.

  • In the Actions column click .
  • Choose Change scope to Group/Local.
  • In the opened popup click Yes, change scope to Group/Local or click Cancel to close the popup.

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