How to enable backups in Imunify360

To enable backups log in to a hosting panel as administrator, go to Imunify360 plugin and do the following.

  • Go to Imunify360 → Settings → Backups. If the feature is not currently used the Backup and restore is Disabled.
  • To enable it, select backup provider from the dropdown:


CloudLinux Backup

CloudLinux Backup option provides a customer with the most integrated with Imunify360 backup feature. It is powered by the Acronis technology, but you do not need to have an active Acronis account (if you have an existing Acronis account and would like to continue using it, skip to the Acronis Backup section for choosing an Acronis Backup option).

CloudLinux Backup offers 10 GB of free storage space, and you can purchase additional space as needed.

With this backup and restore service, you can restore malicious or suspicious files from the backup if a clean version exists, schedule backups, see total and used storage space, and locate the data storage server. You can learn more about the CloudLinux Backup for Imunify360 here.

To activate CloudLinux Backup, follow the next simple steps:

  • Select CloudLinux Backup in the dropdown
  • Click Connect Backup button
  • You will be redirected to the CloudLinux Network page which opens in a new tab. Please log in with existing CloudLinux Network (CLN) credentials otherwise create a new account.
  • On the purchase page, you can choose and purchase required size of the storage.
  • After successful payment, the installation will be in progress and you will see a Welcome Page with the follow-up instructions.


    Installation can take up to 10 minutes depending on specific server size. You can use Imunify360 as usual during the installation process. Also, we will send you an email with detailed information to the specified email address.

  • You can see the purchased storage space on the Settings → Backups tab.
  • Imunify360 creates an initial backup of a current server. If all is OK the system returns successful message 
  • You can see used and total storage space on the Settings → Backups tab.

Acronis Backup

Choose it if you have Acronis account. So that Imunify360 can use backups to restore malicious or suspicious files from the backup if a clean version exists.

  • Select Acronis Backup from the dropdown
  • Specify Acronis username and password
  • Click Connect Backup button

Imunify360 checks if Acronis agent is already installed. If not, Imunify360 installs it. Then Imunify360 checks, if a backup of entire server exists, if not, Imunify360 creates a backup of a current server. If all is OK the system returns successful message.

cPanel or Plesk Backup

  • Choose cPanel/Plesk backup
  • Select cPanel/Plesk Backup
  • Click Connect Backup button

After successful connection, Imunify360 will return an appropriate message.

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