Whitelisting a File/Folder in Sucuri Firewall Protection

If you are getting the Sucuri error page, such as the one below when visiting some pages on your site,

you can simply whitelist these pages in the Sucuri Firewall settings and the errors will go away.

It is recommended to whitelist the page only if it needs to be accessible for all of your visitors. If it is

occurring in the admin area of your site, it is best to Whitelist your IP address.

There are a few ways to whitelist a file or folder:

How to Whitelist a File/Folder

1.    You may login to your Sucuri Firewall Protection.

2.    Next, under the Whitelist URL Paths section, you will be able to whitelist the file/folder

       that you want to.

3.    If you add "/wp-content/yourplugin/somefile.php", that specific file will be whitelisted.


Keep in mind that whitelisting a file/path must be consider a temporary solution. You should

investigate why that file/path is being blocked and find a workaround. We cannot disclosure

the filter’s logic, but you can read more about the block on our Signature section and about

the Secure Coding Practices on the OWASP website.

Whitelist a File/Folder Using the Audit Trails

1.    You may login to your Sucuri Firewall Protection.

2.    After that, go to the Audit Trails page and click on the URL that was blocked.

3.    Under the Resource Path section, click on Whitelist.

3.    That’s it!

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