Country Blocking in Sucuri Firewall Protection

Blocking the top three attack countries

The majority of website attacks come from specific countries: China, Russia and Turkey. Although we

have nothing against those countries, the Sucuri Firewall gives you the option of blocking them from

interacting (POST) with your site.

If you enable this option, IP addresses from these countries will still able to view all of your site content,

but they will not be able to register accounts, submit comments, or attempt to log in. It’s basically a

read-only mode.

1.    Login to Sucuri Firewall Protection.

2.    Next,go to the Advanced Security Options settings.

3.    Check the box next to the Block anonymous proxies and the top three attack countries

       option and click on Save Advanced Security Options.

Geo Blocking

The Sucuri Firewall also gives you control to choose which countries you would rather block from

accessing (VIEW) or interacting (POST) with your website under the Geo Blocking settings.

Visitors from the countries selected under View won’t be able to see your site.

Visitors from the countries selected under Post will only be able to see the contents of your site,

but they will not be allowed to post, register, buy, or comment.

Despite of our efforts to keep the IP database up-to-date, IP ownership changes every day.
The Geo Blocking feature’s success rate is very accurate, but not infallible.

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