Attributes discontinuation in shared hosting server

With the implementation of our new V12 hosting plan towards to the current technology, we have decided to depreciate  TLS 1.0 & 1.1 in our shared environment, thus we are no more providing support  for TLSv1.0, 1.1

More details on the depreciation announcement:

Apart from that below are sample of attributes that are discontinued in our shared hosting

 TLSv1.0, 1.1 depreciation

a) Outlook 2013 and older

Outlook 2013 (Included in Office 2013)
Outlook 2010 (Included in Office 2010)
Outlook 2007 (Included in Office 2007)
Outlook 2003 (Included in Office 2003)
Outlook 2002 (Included in Office XP)

b) MySQL 5.6 and older 

c) PHP 7.1 and older 

d) Windows 7 and older

What is the next option available?

1) Upgrade your Windows OS to new version that work well with TLS 1.2 above.  (Example: upgrade to Windows 8 and later version)

2) Upgrade your Outlook to new version that work well with TLS 1.2 above. (Example: upgrade to Outlook 2016 and later version)

3) Upgrade the script and application to be able to run in PHP 7.2 and above and MYSQL 5.7 and above

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