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Scheduled Weekly Maintenance - Smartermail version updating

Date: 24th Nov 2017

Time: 10:50 PM MDT

Maintenance Update:
Smartermail new patches of this week: Version 16.3.6535 has been updated.

Date: 17th Nov 2017

Time: 10:30 PM MDT

Maintenance Update:
Smartermail new patches of this week: Version 16.3.6530 has been updated.

Date: 10th Nov 2017

Time: 10:10 PM MDT

Maintenance Update:
Smartermail new patches of this week: Version 16.3.6522 has been updated.

Date: 27th Oct 2017

Time: 11:40 PM MDT

Maintenance Update:
Smartermail new patches of this week: Version 16.3.6508 has been updated.

Date: 20th  Oct 2017

Time: 11:40 PM MDT

Maintenance Update:
Smartermail new patches of this week: Version 16.3.6496 has been updated.


Date: 6th Oct 2017

Time: 02:03 AM MDT

Maintenance Update:
Smartermail new patches of this week: Version 16.3.6488 has been updated.


Date: 22nd Sep 2017

Time: 09.00 AM MDT

Maintenance Update:
Smartermail new patches of this week: Version 16.3.6474 has been updated.


Date: 25th Aug 2017
Time: 03:00 AM MDT

Maintenance Update:

SmarterMail new patches of this week: Version 16.2.6442 has been updated.


Date: 04th Aug 2017
Time: 04:05 AM MDT

Maintenance Update:

SmarterMail new patches of this week: Version 16.1.6425 has been updated.


Date: 1st July 2017
Time: 02.00 AM MDT

Maintenance Update:

SmarterMail new patches of this week: Version 16.0.6390 has been updated.

Dear Valued Customers,


*** All client mail service host under Windows shared hosting will be affected ***
Date: Every Saturday
Time: 1:00 AM - 4.00 AM MDT
ETA : 30 minutes per server
Maintenance details:

Smartermail is our default webmail for all Windows shared hosting plan.

Our vendor: Smartertools release new patches weekly and our team will apply the updating during Saturday.

Here is the latest 16l.x Release Note:

Version 16.0.6376 (Jun 16, 2017)

  • Changed: Added ".log" to Windows Defender exceptions list. 
  • Changed: Downloadable files are now streamed instead of buffered, for better performance. 
  • Changed: Email attachments now use A tags so user can right-click and use "Save Link As..." option versus opening the attachment in a new window. 
  • Changed: Updated the auto-login script. 
  • Fixed: A draft being added via IMAP does not get reflected to web interface without a browser refresh. 
  • Fixed: An email message with a BASE tag overrides the API urls which prevents sending replies. 
  • Fixed: Average hardware usage report always shows memory usage at 0%. 
  • Fixed: Cannot sort mailing list subscribers by bounces. 
  • Fixed: Cannot view raw content of messages in shared folders. 
  • Fixed: Changing a domain path, then renaming the domain, moves the domain back to the default domain directory. 
  • Fixed: Conference rooms would show non-organizer attendees as having reserved the rooms.
  •  Fixed: Deleting and moving progress modal in web interface does not appear for Deleted and Junk-email items. 
  • Fixed: Emails that are marked as deleted via IMAP are being included in the unread message count. 
  • Fixed: Encoded email metadata is not being decoded for messages in folders shared with full control. 
  • Fixed: Field auto-population for certain fields happening on Chrome. 
  • Fixed: File storage is failing to load for non en-US locale servers. 
  • : Importing users from LDAP does not retain the Display Name. 
  • Fixed: Importing users from LDAP with email address as username option enabled does not work.
  • Fixed: In message archive searching, after grid entry 100 all entries open the previous entry when viewing the message. 
  • Fixed: Manual date-time entry in DateTime picker control has inconsistent input behavior. Fixed: Marking a message as deleted in Mac with IMAP, then permanently deleting that message in web interface, does not reflect in EWS clients after syncing. 
  • Fixed: Message archive columns do not show encoded text. 
  • Fixed: Newly created conference rooms are not appearing in calendar source panel. Fixed: Protocol activity report shows all proctocols at 0. 
  • Fixed: Recurring appointments that are deleted but attendees aren't notified won't allow participants to delete those appointments. 
  • Fixed: Reply All includes the user in the CC if they are in the CC in the original message. Fixed: Rich Text files sent from Outlook have invalid links in email attachments. 
  • Fixed: Saving a draft via IMAP in eM Client causes an infinite call to messages API in web interface. 
  • Fixed: System admin general settings page has an active SAVE button without any changes being made to the page. Fixed: System and domain message footers are not being inserted into emails. 
  • Fixed: System message footers are missing. Fixed: The CC field is missing from the message headers. 
  • Fixed: The date-times for results when using Message Archive Search are off by UTC offset. 
  • Fixed: The total number of mailing list subscribers does not show when editing a mailing list with more than 1000 subscribers.
  • Fixed: Unable to search for domain aliases in the domains list. 
  • Fixed: Weekly recurring appointments will now appear in Outlook with EWS.

  • Version 16.0.6369 (Jun 9, 2017)

    Added: Added a message header "X-Exim-Id" for better support in certain system configurations. 
  • Added: Incoming emails to local user aliases will get spam checked. 
  • Added: System level setting that allows system admins to turn off minimum browser requirements. 
  • Changed: A non-organizer meeting attendee can now open the event description modal. Changed: Added Safari 9 into the incompatible browser list. 
  • Changed: Browser autocomplete has been reenabled on login page form. 
  • Changed: English translation file has been restructured to remove nesting. All translation keys are now 1-level deep only. 
  • Changed: Only domains with an archive rule set will be shown in the message archive search domain dropdown. 
  • Efficiency: Significant load time improvement across most browsers by reducing Angular file size by 88%. 
  • Fixed: A plain text message can lose line breaks when displayed in HTML or when replied to. 
  • Fixed: Cannot add IPs to the IP Bypass area. 
  • Fixed: Certain user settings pages and calendars do not load due to DateTime format exception. 
  • Fixed: Contacts do not import from CSV that contain business ip, business fax, business pager, or personal fax numbers. 
  • Fixed: CSV and VCF contact file type extensions are case sensitive which causes the API to think they are unsupported files. 
  • Fixed: Cyren AV report numbers are all zeros regardless of date range. 
  • Fixed: Disk space usage display shown behind Task and Contact cards in certain browsers. 
  • Fixed: Email printing does not work in Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer 11. Fixed: EML files with improper formatting in a boundary's content-type header displays a blank email in web interface. 
  • Fixed: Forwarding a message in a shared folder does not forward any attachments. 
  • Fixed: In IMAP retrieval an error could occur when trying to create the deliver.txt. 
  • Fixed: It is possible to enter an invalid date range into the message archive search. 
  • Fixed: Older servers running Microsoft Security Essentials always see the Windows Defender exception alert banner. 
  • Fixed: Opening a message from archive search loads a blank popup window. 
  • Fixed: Saving a draft of a forwarded or a replied-to message with attachments does not save the attachments in the draft. 
  • Fixed: SmarterMail file storage opens plain text and xml documents in the browser. Fixed: Some foreign characters (e.g., Korean) have incorrect encoding when viewing an email. 
  • Fixed: The domains list is intermittently empty on the message archive search page. Fixed: The progress modal when renaming a folder that contains subfolders does not take the subfolder file counts into consideration. 
  • Fixed: Unable to edit the actions for Internal blocked senders content filter. 
  • Security: DKIM private keys are no longer returned with the domain settings API.

Maintenance affects:

All email services will not be available during the upgrade window but web services is running as usual.

Best Regards,

Support Team
Technical Support Department