How to Enable/Disable Email Auto-Response (MSPControl Panel)

How to Enable/Disable Email Auto-Response

What is Auto-Response ?

Auto-responder is a function that will auto responses when receive an email. This function might help when


you are on outstation. Example you can inform your sender that now you are now unable to reply to that email

because you are on outstation.

Step to Enable/Disable Auto-Response

1.    Kindly login to your MSP Control Panel account.

2.    Click on the “Mail” logo under “POP/IMAP Email” to proceed.

3.    Choose and click on the mail that you wish to enable / disable Auto-Response function.

4.    Tick “Yes” to enable the function or untick disable the function. You can fill in the content of your 

        Auto-Response mail.

5.    Remember to click “Save” to save the changes that you have made.

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