To Create A Scheduled Tasks in WebsitePanel

To Create Scheduled Tasks in WebsitePanel:

1. Login to your Website Panel via  or through

2.    Under the "Hosting Spaces", click on your Hosting Plan name such as

       "EBiz Plus Windows" or "RW1000 Windows Resseller Plan".

3.    Click on "Scheduled Tasks" under "System" category to proceed to the next step.

4.    Click on "Add Scheduled Task" button.

5.    In the Task Name box, type the name of your task. In the Task Type drop down box, 

       select type of the task. In the Task Type drop down box, select type of the task. 

       Specify task parameters depending on the task type.Specify when to run your task by 

       selecting the appropriate values in the Schedule section. Specify whether the task is enabled 

       or not in the Enabled check box. Select the task priority in the Priority box. 

       Task priority can be set to Below  Normal or Low. Specify execution time limit in the Max Execution 

       Time filed. Remember to click Save to schedule the task.

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