Manual installation of WordPress in Website Panel

Manual installation of WordPress in Website Panel :

Step 1: Download the latest WordPress installation file from the  , download it by clicking on "Download" button.

Step 2: You could upload it via FTP or the MSP control panel ( File Manager and unzip the file. For your information, if you upload the file to wwwroot folder, after the installation is completed, the file script will appear once you visit your website is

To access via FTP you need to create or use the FTP account created from within your hosting account and we recommend your side to use "FileZilla" application to connect to the FTP account. 

To access to the MSP control panel File Manager may refer below:-

Another option is to create a subfolder in your hosting account and upload the file in it. The WordPress installation will be accessible at

To proceed with this you may either use both FTP or File Manager to get to it. On how to create a sub folder may refer below:-

1. Click on the File Manager option(similar to the above process)

2. Click on the domain involve, than click on wwwroot to get inside the web root directory:-

3. Click on Create Folder.

4. Enter a name for the sub folder and click Create:-

5. To upload the WordPress files into the sub folder you will need to first click on the sub folder name to enter to its directory:-

6. Once inside the directory click on Upload option:-

7. Choose the WordPress file you just downloaded. Click Choose File and select the WordPress installation file you've just downloaded and click Upload to upload the files.

Step 3: Create a MySQL database for WordPress. 

To which you can get the MySQL server IP address you can refer below:-

1. Once you completed the process of creating the database. Click on the database name as per below:-

2. You will than see the exact IP address for the database server you can use later on to complete the WordPress manual Installation. Please refer below image:-

Step 4: Open the URL in Internet browser. Then click on the "Create a Configuration File" button. Fill in the database detail and site detail then finish the installation.

Step 5: The installation procedure is finished. You now can login to the WordPress admin panel by

Please contact our support if you found you were not able to finish the installation from step 4.

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