Domain Alias

What is Domain Alias

Domain aliases is allowing additional domain names to point to a common website. 

This feature is useful when you want users to be able to access the same web site 

through a number of different addresses.


An example:    XYZ Corporation registers two domain names, A and B. It places its web site at A, 

                        and makes B a domain alias of A. Whenever someone types in the address of domain B, 

                        they are automatically redirected to domain A.

How to view Domain Alias


1.    Kindly login to the Cpanel with with the URL as 

       or http://domain_name:2083 (with SSL) or http://domain_name:2082  (NON SSL).

2.    Click on "Aliases" under "Domains" category

3.    You can either add a new Domain Alias or delete existing Domain Alias or 

       Edit Domain Alias Redirection. Please refer below:

Add Domain Alias

Please enter your new Domain Alias and remember to click "Add Domain". Wait a few second your

new Domain Alias is added successfully.

Delete Domain Alias

Click on "Remove" beside your domain to proceed. After that you will proceed to another page

that will ask confirmation to delete. Click "Remove Alias" to completely delete or click "Cancel" if you

have change your mind not to delete.

Edit Alias Redirection

Click on "Manage Redirection" on the right end of your domain row to proceed.

Enter your domain that you wish to redirect to and remember to click save. 

You disable the redirection by clicking "Disable Redirection" if you have changed your mind.

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