How to Create Email in Plesk

1.    Kindly login to https://IPAddress:8443 or https://hostname:8443 with your Plesk Admin login

detail from Product Welcome Email we have provided.


Please substitute IPAddress  or hostname with your own server hostname or IP example

You may obtain the server hostname from the Welcome Email which will be sent to your primary email upon subscription.

2.    Click on "Mail" on the navigation bar on the left of your page.

3.    Now you will proceed to another page, click on the "Create Email Address" button.

4.    You are required to fill in all the required information in the general tab and change the 

setting of your email. External will be used to help reset passwords if you have lose access to 

the primary account.      


Access from Webmail

a. Use your web browser to go to where represents your domain name.

b. On the webmail login page, type the username and password for the e-mail account you want to access.

For the username, you must type the complete e-mail address (for example, [email protected]

c. Click Login. Webmail loads the mailbox for the account.

5.    What is "Forwarding" ?

Forwarding is a function that enables all received email sent to a specific email account.

6.    What is "Email aliases"?

Email aliases are alternative email addresses associated with a primary email address. 

All mail sent to email aliases will be received by the primary email address.

7.    What is "Auto-reply" ?

Auto-reply is a function that enables you to auto reply to an email when you receive it. It 

might be useful when you are busy or on outstation, you can inform your sender that you 

are not able to reply due to some reason.

8.    What is "Spam filter" ?

Spam filtering will help you to detect spam emails that are sent to you. You also can set

the spam filter to help delete all the spam emails that are sent to you.

9.    Remember to click the  “OK” button to create email. Your email account should be 

created successfully.

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