How to Install a Wildcard SSL Certificate on Multiple Servers on Plesk

How do I install a Comodo Wildcard SSL Certificate on multiple servers?

When installing on a single server, the steps you’d follow are:

  1. Purchase certificate
  2. Generate CSR. For a wildcard certificate, be sure to enter your domain as *
  3. Complete certificate validation. The certificate will be emailed to you by the CA.
  4. Install on server. Install the certificate in Plesk.

When using a wildcard certificate on multiple servers, there’s one additional step you’ll need to take when installing the certificate on each server: uploading your private key.

Your private key is created and saved on your server when you generate the CSR. Since you only complete that step on one server, you’ll need to copy your private key to each additional server when you install the certificate.

How To Transfer Your Private Key To Multiple Servers

1. Login to your Plesk account.

2. Navigate to SSL/TLS Certificates.

3. Click on the name of the certificate under the Name column.


4. Scroll down until you reach the Private key (*.key) section.

    Copy the content to your clipboard and paste it somewhere secure.

5. Once you have copied the private key to your clipboard, you can paste it into private key box on your additional servers. 

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