Modify default WordPress admin login URL

Modifying default WordPress admin login URL create security by obscurity. 

Step 1: Locate wp-login.php file in Plesk Dashboard and copy its contents. Go to Files > httpdocs > wp-login.php.  

            Click and copy all the contents.

Step 2: Create a file with same name that you would like to add to the end of your login URL. For example, 

             in order to access admin login via URL, you can create viewhere.php and 

             paste the wp-login.php code into the file.


Step 3: Open the newly created login file and replace all references to wp-login.php with the new .php file's name    

             (i.e. viewhere.php). 

Step 4: Backup the unaltered wp-login.php. Upon file downloaded, tick the wp-login.php box and click 

            'Remove' on top of the page to remove in server.

Step 5: Access the new login page via the URL you have chosen. 

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