Health check and Troubleshooting plugin

Health check and troubleshooting is useful for checking plugin or theme compatibility issues. 

This is especially useful when your site is showing a Critical Error but your WordPress Admin page is still accessible. 

Simply install the below plugin to enable Troubleshooting mode

How to troubleshoot using Health Check plugin

  1. Login to your Wordpress wp-admin.

  2. Go to go to Tools > Site Health > Troubleshooting

  3. Click Enable Troubleshooting.

Once enabled, all plugins will be deactivated and the theme will be reverted to the default theme without affecting the frontend of the website. 

To find out which plugin is causing an error to your website, enable the plugins one by one from the admin dashboard and replicate the error each time a plugin is enabled. 

To troubleshoot plugin specific errors, go to Plugins and click on Enable while troubleshooting 

Continue your troubleshooting as needed. 

If you need to disable a plugin during troubleshooting, simply go to Plugins and click on Disable while troubleshooting.

Once you are done troubleshooting and wish to close the Troubleshooting Mode, simply go back to your Dashboard and click on Disable Troubleshooting Mode. 

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