Create Backup Policy To Backup Your Server / VM / PC


  • Backup policy is defined as backup plan in Acronis.
  • Each backup plan is associated with a server/vm/mobile device.
  • Each backup plan associated define a backup container/disk safe of its own.
  • By default, there is a default backup template which you may use to start a backup on the fly Or you can further define this backup plan to suit your needs.
  • Backup plan can be deleted
  • Backup plan can be revoked from a server/vm/device

To backup an entire machine, disks, files Or system state

  1. In Backup Management Console, click Backup


    2. A backup plan template is offered:


    3. Select the items you wish to backup:

  • Entire machine – include MBR, bootable partition and other partitions (whole server)
  • Disks – you may select which disks attached to a machine to be backup
  • Files – select to backup only certain files.
  • System state – applicable only to Windows Vista or later. It comprise of below:
    • Task scheduler configuration
    • VSS Metadata Store
    • Performance counter configuration information
    • MSSearch Service
    • Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS)
    • The registry
    • Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)
    • Component Services Class registration database

    4. Select destination for your backup:

        - Cloud (to Exabytes Backup cloud)

        - Local folder on each machine with backup agent installed.

        - Network folder. Specify the path to the share   

           eg \\IP_or_name_of_machine\Share

    5. Schedule a backups:



You can specify the schedule on monthly/weekly/daily and hourly basis. You may select the  schedule to run 

on specific time.        


    6. How many retention points to keep. You may have multiple options. Either by age/number of backups or 

        specify a single rule for all backups depend on your need.


    7. Click Apply.

    8. Give the plan a relevant name and save the plan.

    9. Now the plan is selected for your machine and will run on schedule.


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